The dream of increasing customer engagement, decreasing abandon cart and creating an omni-channel experience just became a lot easier.

Increase Customer Engagement

  • The Power of Push Notifications
    • Push notifications have an open rate of 72% with e-commerce apps
  • Reward the Loyal
    • Integrate customer reward apps like Yotpo and track purchases in-store, online and on mobile
  • Easily Engage with Customers
    • Allow your customers to easily communicate with in-app and directly message your team
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Decrease Abandon Cart

  • Increase Conversions with Push Notification Promos
    • Target customers who have abandoned their cart with the highest converting type of communication
  • Make a Seamless Checkout Process
    • Use Apple Pay, Google, Pay, Amazon Pay and recall their shipping information
  • Export and Leverage Your Marketing Tool Belt
    • Export data from Sandbox and connect it to tools like Twilio, Mailchimp and Klaviyo
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Leverage Omni-Channel Shopping

  • Enthrall Shoppers with AR
    • Bring your products to life and allow your customers to interact like never before
  • Shop Across Channels with Ease
    • From Shoppable Instagram, to your website and back to the mobile app - have complete coverage for your shoppers on any medium
  • Increase Repeat Customer Conversions
    • Mobile apps account for 58% of total e-commerce traffic and accounts for 85% of total time spent on e-commerce shopping
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